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BMW 135i Coupe to Race V8 Supercar and BMW Sauber Formula 1 car

Formula 1 weekend in Australia starts with an interesting race between a half-compartment of BMW 135i with parts of execution on top, a monopost and V8 Supercar from BMW Sauber F1.

Yes, we know, it is not a race right nor one it forever supposed being, but these comparisons are always more recreation. And NOT, the tii of the half-compartment 135i marked, will not gain this, but it gives us the other chance to see the car in the action.

It is equipped with the aerodynamic package of execution of BMW, brakes 18 of execution that it. wheels light-allow. The mirrors on carbon fibre side, lid of boot and other elements, achieve the image of car on the subject of which many ventilators of BMW had phantasm.

Here full the official statement and photographs with press of BMW

BMW 135i Coup� takes the large guns at Australian large Prix

BMW announced 135i Coup� is placed to take the muscle of the park of Albert with 2009 of this Australian large Prix year.

A 135i particularly equipped Cut, supporting the famous stable of tii and comprising the speed of execution of BMW, will take part in the final comparison speed.

A race between V8 Supercar, car and road entirely prepared BMW going 135i Cut formula 1 of BMW Sauber, the final comparison speed is a favourite of crowd which wells three forms of high efficiency to circulate in the car ones against the others in a race of one covering to the finishing line.

The final comparison speed is held with five occasions separated during the weekend from race. The event is run with a synchronized handicap, giving to each car a chance to take the line honors.

BMW 135i Coup� is equipped with a certain number of levellings of execution and beauty product of the stable of execution of BMW, which are re-elected for a range of the exclusive and dynamic accessories of sports.

An aerodynamic package of full execution of BMW, installation of suspension of possession of road, cross drilled and of the light-alloy wheels of. of package of brake of saving of weight and execution 18 of BMW are adapted to the car.

The covers of carbon fibre mirror and the carbon fibre look at the cap with the integrated roof and initialize lines of sports, others accentuate the sporting character of this single vehicle.

The 135i Coup� supports transfers of tii of `before and back accentuating the fascination of the motorsport and the heritage of the mark of BMW.

Inspired by the famous model of BMW 02 presented in 1966, which in its time was recognized as �pitom� of the supreme agility and the enthralling drive, BMW 135i is also distinguished by its compact dimensions, low weight and before-back perfect balance.

A powerful twin engine the turbo one of 6 cylinders, producing of 225 kilowatts makes sure that the car can reach 100km/h as Juste 5.3 seconds. High speed is electronically limited to 250km/h.

The pilot for BMW 135i with the final comparison of this year speed will circulate in the car the journalist Paul Gover, who took BMW Mr. Coup� by his steps with the event of last year.

Christian Klien will be with the bar of the racing racing car of BMW Sauber F1, whereas Greg Murphy takes two BMW in its V8 Supercar.

BMW took part in the final comparison speed since its beginning.

BMW is happy to support this fantastic spectacle,� known as the noble one of Tom, sale managing director, BMW group Australia.

The final comparison speed proved to be a particularly popular segment on the large program of Price and incarnates perfectly the `the final driving complaint of Machine,� it says.

With its short duration on the market, BMW 135i Coup� claimed a certain number of coveted rewards, such as the car of 2008 drives of the year (the best sport scar more than $60.000) and cars of Australia of best, the best sport scar 2008 taking the tastes of many vehicles exotic of sports of high efficiency.

With the difference of the F1 car or V8 Supercar, the Australian ones can buy BMW 135i including/understanding the parts of execution of BMW adapted.

A complete chain of the components of execution of BMW is available exclusively by the network of merchant of BMW.

All the components of execution of BMW reflect the mark of BMW in their technology, design, quality and safety.

Final times of comparison speed:
11.40am on Thursday March 26
4.25pm on Thursday March 26
2.15pm on Friday March 27
1.00pm on Saturday March 28
1.10pm on Sunday March 29

Volkswagen GTI refined for 2010

When Volkswagen hopped up a Golf back in 1976, it invented a niche that came to be known as the Hot Hatchback segment. With just 100 horsepower, it’s difficult now to think that was hot…but it was. Hey, it was 1976 and polyester, John Travolta and the BeeGees were cool, too.

With leisure suits now just a bad dream, the new sixth-generation VW Golf GTI that hits our shores in October as a 2010 model, is just as hot. That makes it pretty cool.

The new GTI , which will make its formal U.S. debut at the New York Auto Show in a couple of weeks, is no longer the power player in the segment if all you’re counting is horsepower. No, the MazdaSpeed3 cranks out 273 hp, while the new GTI makes 200 hp from its 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder.

You’re correct if you say that this car has the same power as the outgoing model. What makes this new GTI worth talking about is the refinement VW engineers have worked into the car’s handling, not to mention the updates to the interior and exterior.

Unfortunately, U.S. buyers will not be able to get several features available on European-spec cars, like Dynamic Chassis Control that allows for three settings– comfort, normal and sport–of the car’s shock absorbers. Other items like dynamic cruise control will also not make it to the States. HID headlights, standard on the outgoing model, will be optional on the new car.

The U.S. VW folks say they kept the standard equipment list limited in order to keep down the cost of the three- or five-door hatch (the five-door is a $500 option). But the standard feature list is quite high, so don’t think all the models we get will be strippers. Official prices were not released at our initial test drive, but expect the car to start around $24,000, making it relative bargain in the front-drive sporty market.

So while this new GTI looks much like the fifth-generation car, every body panel (save for the roof) is different. The interior, likewise, is further refined with a better-looking center stack and chrome-trimmed gauge cluster. And yes, the plaid cloth seats are still part of the package. Some things from the ’70s just never go out of fashion.

The base transmission is a six-speed automatic with a six-speed dual-clutch tranny as an option. VW says a seventh gear, available on other VW models, is not necessary here because of the engine’s 207 lb-ft of torque. We sampled them and like both for different reasons. But if we’re headed to our garage, we’d save the $1,200 (approximately) on the DSG and spend it elsewhere…the six-speed manual is damn good.

On our initial test drive of the car, we found it to be quick and fun to drive, which has long been the GTI’s trademark. A decent rumble is emitted from the twin tailpipes, and while 200 horsepower may seem anemic amidst all the 500-horsepower ground beaters available today–the car doesn’t lack for oomph.

The sixth-generation car features subtle changes from its immediate predecessor but can easily trace its lineage back several decades, and is a worthy successor to the hallowed GTI badge.

Audi postponed the launch of its CUV for 2009

The German manufacturer Audi has said that the sale will take its new CUV the end of Audi 2009. This resolution has been given because Audi says that the marketing of all models at once, has become somewhat complicated. However, only 3 new models to join the range: the compact Audi Q5 and Audi 2 versions for the Audi Q7, and a hybrid diesel.

Another reason that has delayed the launch of these new models, Audi is not to promote the next version to the end of the year, usually known a significant drop in prices. The Audi Q5 and the two versions of the Audi Q7 will be sold as Audi 2010 models.

The Audi Q5 has for a long time under development, intended to indicate that everything will be built on the platform of the VW Tigua. It will be the direct competitor to the BMW X3 and upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLK.

Moreover, the Audi diesel version of the Audi Q7 which will be marketed around the same time, take a Audi V6 engine with 230hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The powertrain will meet the environmental requirements of 50 states in the USA. According to the director of Audi in this country, Johan de Nysschen, "there will be only to adjust certain details so that the diesel engine is offered in future models Audi A4, Audi A6 and Audi A8.

The three models including the Audi Q7 Hybrid V6 280hp will be revealed at the Audi Detroit Auto Show 2009.


Mercedes-Benz Parts Online

Traditionally, finding a source for OEM and aftermarket Mercedes Benz parts meant having to live in or close to a large city. Now the power of the internet allows for the luxury of finding Mercedes Benz parts and accessories from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are shopping for Mercedes Benz parts & accessories to upgrade your interior or exterior, or repair parts to replace your Mercedes wheels or those squeaky brakes, finding your Mercedes Benz parts is no longer like pulling teeth! Online Mercedes Benz parts distributors tend to carry an impressive line of quality manufacturers, including Genuine Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, MP Design, Bilstein, GAP, Schatz, and H&R to name a few, so finding quality Mercedes accessories is never difficult.

Mercedes interior accessories come from a number of high quality designers. MP Design is known for its classy Mercedes interior accessories such as front seat adjustment covers, pillar covers and front door speaker covers. Genuine Mercedes-Benz, Lloyd, and Husky, each carry a line of high quality Mercedes floor mats.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz and Coverking both carry a line of high quality Mercedes Car Covers. Finding replacement Mercedes-Benz parts can seem effortless thanks to the numerous Mercedes Benz parts manufacturers like Bilstein, Bosch, and Hella. Likewise, Genuine Mercedes-Benz manufactures a number of OEM Mercedes-Benz parts. AMG, Lorinser, and Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts each carry a line of quality Mercedes-Benz wheels and wheel spacers.

While shopping for Mercedes Benz parts online is often confusing given the lack of visual application of the product, companies like Performance Products have online animated Mercedes Benz parts diagrams that make choosing replacement parts a much less daunting task. With parts diagrams you can see how your chosen Mercedes engine part fits into your Mercedes engine, or how your chosen Mercedes brake pad fits up against your rotor.

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Something You Should Know About Aftermarket Accessories

Aftermarket Auto Accessories
Counterfeit Aftermarket Accessories and parts are as prevalent as a street vendor selling a fake Rolex on the corner. Aftermarket accessories are not any different, and consumers should be on the lookout when shopping for discount car accessories.

Since the 1980’s, criminals have been selling fraudulent high performance aftermarket accessories at a cheaper price. The lower price may save a few bucks in your pocketbook in an automotive world where gas prices are ballooning out of control. It’s understandable but dwell on this: most of these discount aftermarket accessories and parts sacrifice quality and safety with more inexpensive and less strong materials.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get. Several years ago, CBS Evening News featured a report about counterfeit aftermarket accessories. Brake pads that contained compressed grass or wood chips instead of the usual material were sold to consumers. Having faulty brake pad material could be costly in more ways than one. To be on the safe side with performance aftermarket accessories, you might do better to pay the extra money and go with a brand name you can trust.
How can the average consumer protect against aftermarket accessories fraud?

Seeing a popular brand of an auto body kit you’ve been eyeing for half price may not be for real. Shop around to see what the average price is for the aftermarket accessories and make an educated decision based on what you’ve observed.

At first glance, the aftermarket accessories package may look legitimate but closer inspection may reveal some flaws that could be signs of the part being fraudulent.

Visit trusted stores or well-recommended aftermarket accessories shops. Stick to places you or someone you know trusts. Going to distributors you’ve had good service with reduces risk as distributors often buy aftermarket accessories from the same manufacturer that has never steered them wrong.

Contact the aftermarket accessories manufacturer directly. If you’re still unsure, the manufacturer can often verify if the performance aftermarket accessories is real. Most major companies have anti-fraudulent protocols to prove the authenticity of aftermarket accessories.

It would be foolish to settle on purchasing discount aftermarket accessories just to save a few bucks. Most manufacturers have phone lines or websites devoted to reporting fraudulent aftermarket automotive accessories and parts. Protect yourself, and report these crimes if you feel you’ve been a victim.

Top Tips for Classic Car Restoration

Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is one of the most rewarding activities a car enthusiast can perform. Transforming a “seemingly old car” back into a classic vehicle in all of its glory is nothing less than art.

Car owner must know how to properly evaluate the condition of a car and then establish the level of car restoration to be performed to such vehicle. There are 4 levels of classic car restoration. These are the top tips for classic car restoration who want to reverse the effects of ‘the sands of time’ on their vehicles:

1. Inspect your car very carefully, top to bottom, inside and out; use strong flashlights to inspect the trunk, the engine area, etc. If possible take it to a car shop where it could be lifted to take a good look at the condition from beneath. Here you will determine if the car restoration process is worth the time and money.

2. After inspecting the vehicle, it is also important to decide whether you have a ’solid’ car which can be restored without replacing the entire frame, floor, axles, etc. By ’solid car’ we are inferring that the car structure should be strong, as well as the floor; a little rust can be repaired but a completely rusty car which has the entire frame compromised will eventually crumble.

3. Decide whether you want to work with a “friend who knows how to repair cars” or a professional. Cars restoration did by people other than professionals tend to run well for a couple of years and in some cases start to breakdown thereafter.

4. Decide the level of car restoration:

a. Driver car restoration: is often performed to get a car back to a fully functional and operational condition, they often include part replacement and minor cosmetic adjustments.

b. Street Show: this car restoration level involves getting a car into a fully working condition and repairing all major cosmetic problems (body work is required).

c. Show Car: restoring a classic car back to this form often requires professional work, if judged by a professional, there restorations and labor quality will fall within the 90-95 point range.

d. Concours: this is the highest level of car restoration possible. All the work should be done by professionals, from part replacement to body work.

5. Start the car restoration process, if possible follow a 2 step procedure (part replacement and chassis adjustments). Visit the car shop as often as possible to make sure the right work is being done.

6. Take it for a ride and see if it works correctly.

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Useful BMW Accessories for Your Stylish BMW

BMW Accessories not only represent style, they are also high quality and totally reliable. These BMW accessories are designed to make your ride more pleasurable and long-term maintenance benefits. If you are looking for state-of-the-art BMW accessories, do check out this online site that provided BMW Accessories to worldwide customers. You will find tons of beautiful and long-lasting BMW accessories at very competitive prices.

Interior BMW accessories include floor mats, steering wheel covers, cargo storage, seat covers, heaters, interior lights, air fresheners and many more. For exterior BMW accessories there are wiper blades, exterior lighting, mirrors, bumper protection, wind deflectors, etc. Performance BMW accessories are also very useful and popular, such as racing seats, steering wheels, shift knobs, pedal pads and gauges.

Aluminum BMW accessories are durable and long-lasting. They are also very light weight and easy to install. Some BMW accessories are very simple and can be installed without any difficulty. To find excellent quality BMW accessories, the best way is to search online. Since these BMW accessories are custom-made, they are totally reliable and of high quality. Shopping online also gives you the advantage of making use of special deals and discount offers.

Performance BMW accessories are preferred by a lot of people since they provide many performance gains in the context of horsepower and better fuel utilization. BMW accessories like Car lighting kits are also very popular among car lovers. Burglar alarms and door protection accessories can also be used to make your BMW more secure and protected. BMW accessories can be installed to improve the appearance of your car and also for security reasons.

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Volkswagen Accessories: a Legacy of Greatness

Quality has never been stressed by German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. Volkswagen is responsible for the sale and service of Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini. Known throughout the entire world for its blue Volkswagen logo, the company redefined innovation and efficiency in every vehicle that they have released in the market.

One of the many Volkswagen accessories that can supplement the automobile is the Volkswagen grille Accessories. Aside from being a remarkable aesthetic add-on, the Volkswagen Accessories like grille significantly provides an effective optimization of the vehicle’s engine performance. Cool outside air is systematically absorbed by the vehicle by the use of the Volkswagen grille accessories. Volkswagen accessories grilles are made out of high-durable plastic or metal.
Volkswagen Accessories Hubcab - Decorative Disk That Protects

Volkswagen accessories Hubcaps, in automotive terminology, are the decorative disks placed on the center of the Volkswagen wheel. Volkswagen hubcap basically provides aesthetic boost to an otherwise dull set of wheels. It also provides a performance value to the car wheels as hubcaps also prevent dirt and water from seeping into the vehicle’s brakes and wheel structure.

Conversely, in reverting to its main function as styling Volkswagen accessories, the Volkswagen hubcap accessories evolves into a variety of forms, shades, patterns, and materials offering Volkswagen owners the freedom of molding their own cars into a preferred image. With particular Volkswagen accessories hubcaps playing a major role, an owner could project the car’s personal with a sporty vibe, an aggressive stance, a luxurious aura, and a list of other impressions. Specific kinds of Volkswagen accessories hubcaps available in the market include the classic hubcaps, hot rod hubcaps, hubcap jacks, spinning hubcaps, antique spinning hubcaps, spinner hubcaps, diamond cut spinner hubcaps, baby moon hubcaps, bolt on hubcaps, custom hubcaps, and the list goes on. In terms of material, a Volkswagen hubcap can be made from aluminum, steel, or even plastic. Durability is also guaranteed as these hubcaps are designed to withstand the everyday road grind. Volkswagen has well taken note of this fact, thus upholding its commitment in providing Volkswagen auto parts and Volkswagen accessories that are infused with the trademark Volkswagen elegance and sophistication.

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Range and cost information of fuel cells (FC EXPO 2009)

An important issue for fuel cell vehicle at the moment, “range”, “sub-zero start”, “FC improving the durability of the stack” and “cost reduction” in the fourth.The range is as was mentioned earlier, on par with gasoline vehicles already achieved more than 500km. Loss and loss of electrical energy and heat loss of the inverter stack 15 percent reduction by increasing the amount of regenerative energy of the vehicle, model year 2005 about 25 percent more fuel economy improvement. The addition of hydrogen filling pressure from 35MPa and 70MPa, about the amount of hydrogen can be used to expand the volume of the 1.9-fold improvement.
“Between 2008 - Tokyo, Osaka (560km), was able to finish filling in the actual use conditions and no air conditioning. After the fuel has been left to finish, and later were able to estimate the road about 250km I “(Mr. Masuda)
“Starting below zero” for the problem is almost solved. The fuel cells produce energy to produce water with Originally, the system starts to freeze it in below freezing water was a major challenge. The supercooled state of water - the frozen state before solidification of water - sustainable technology, and the matter settled. Today, Toyota and other manufacturers, minus minus 25 ℃ and 30 ℃ of the system can start. “We went to the testing of the Canadian Arctic. Minus 30 ℃ following morning, it was minus 25 ℃ day following a cold place, I could start without any problems no” (Mr. Masuda)

“FC Stack Durability improvement” in reducing the degradation by chemical and physical endurance has improved steadily. The current challenge is to curb further deterioration catalyst and electrode.

The challenge is the most popular, and “cost reduction”.

Of the possible measures, the larger two. First, in the field of design, and simplification of the FC system to smaller and lighter stack. Then, in the materials sector, in cooperation with materials manufacturers, FCHV promote low-cost construction material of the car. This ultimately cost Mr. Masuda’s tenth goal of the talks. Particular challenges, FC, and reduce the amount of platinum and other precious metals used in the stack, both increasing efficiency and compact, complete with cheap how to enable the high-pressure carbon fiber tanks to take a driving range.

And resolve issues, and Masuda 2015, aims to spread to the general public will begin to speak, concluded as follows.

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Hydrogen-diesel from BMW

Hydrogen-diesel from BMW

Hydrogen-diesel from BMW

Engineers from the BMW developed a new cylinder head for hydrogen operation based on a production diesel engine. BMW designed high pressure injectors for direct injection of hydrogen into the combustion chamber with pressures of up to 300 bar, nearly 4500 psi. With the diesel base, however a much better efficiency, with the new technology reached 42 percent and this is on the level of conventional self-ignition. The series using the new technology are technical side, according to Development Director Falk Gerbig no insurmountable obstacles contrary.

The project H2BVplus, an H2-ignition combustion process as a possible cars propulsion of the future will be further investigated. With regard to performance and efficiency can be distinguished from conventional diesel interesting aspects derived. The H2-ignition concept is to increase the efficiency and specific performance is expected.

Still holds the BMW hydrogen combustion because of the relatively low technology and low cost space, particularly for a good alternative to hydrogen fuel cells

H2BVplus Hydrogen Combustion Engine with Laser Measurement Equipment

High-speed Detroit-Lansing rail line envisioned

A company called Worldwide Hydrogen Super Highways says it has designed a magnetic-levitation rail line to run near existing highways between Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

The elevated rail line would use cars “built by Detroit Three automakers” that would use solar energy to power hydrogen batteries, said Justin Sutton of Whitmore Lake, founder of Worldwide Hydrogen Super Highways, which has designed the rail system. The proposed speeds for the maglev train is up to 200mph (322km/h) although the Shanghai maglev easily reaches 268 mph (431 km/h) but hardly its full potential.

The magnetic rail cars would carry passengers, vehicles (like a ferry) and freight. Sutton said the rail line could be used by many private operators that own the cars, similar to railroads that are shared by railroad companies.

Daimler Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster

This car, equipped with modern technologies and futuristic, a source of inspiration for the first history of benz (of 1886)! The keyword: of point combined with the tradition!

The roadster of F-Cell of Mercedes-Benz is with electrical motor by a combustible battery located at the back of a power of 1.2 kilowatt (1.63 power in horses). Its high speed is low, they is 25 km/h and carries out an operating range of 350 kilometers. It has large wheels. Found inside the vehicle the following elements: a handle replacing the conventional seats of wheel and bucket in carbon fibre.
According to the member of the council of human resources and the director G�nther Fleig of social relations: This project shows impressive that the matter of mobility became an integral part of our professional training. I am magic to see how much initiative and of creativity the young people put in this

Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

Mazda5 hydrogen About the hybrid is the second model available in the trade of the manufacturer with the rotatory hydrogen engine. Since 2006, the RE of hydrogen RX-8 for the businesses of leasing released, contrary to Mazda5 hydrogen About the hybrid, but of him is only by its rotatory engine and any additional electrical motor on board.

The hydrogen of Premacy About the hybrid comprises a hybrid gear box series-type, which combines the rotatory engine of the hydrogen of Mazda with an electrical motor. The output of engine is converted into electricity, which then actuates the engine which leads the wheels. This hybrid system amplifies the range of hydrogen fuel of the hydrogen of Premacy About the hybrid with 200 kilometers, twice the range of hydrogen RX-8 About, and increases the best performance of roughly 40 percent, with 110 kilowatts.

The alternative of the hybrid ordering of series of Mazda combines the rotatory familiar hydrogen engine, the push of a button on or the gasoline or hydrogen (duelle installation containing hydrocarbon) functions with an electrical motor. The system converts energy derived from the engine of combustion into electric current, then the electrical motor and to drive of this fact the vehicle.

bodykit BMW E46

orange body kit  BMW E46
silver body kit BMW E 46

Bodykit Headlight Taillight CRV2004

Bodykit, Headlight Taillight buat CRV2004

The second-generation CR-V was all-new for the 2002 model year and remains one of the most popular compact sport-utility vehicles on the road, offering a unique blend of SUV versatility, top level safety performance, car-like handling and Honda quality. The Honda CR-V is powered by a 2.0-litre, 16-valve, DOHC 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine producing 150 hp and 190 Nm of torque. Fuel economy is pretty good for 4x4, especially with the 5-speed manual. A 4-speed auto is optional.

The CR-V utilizes a 4-wheel independent suspension system that employs a Toe Control Link MacPherson strut front suspension for exceptional handling, ride quality and packaging efficiency. In the rear, the CR-V is equipped with a reactive compact double wishbone suspension that helps provide additional cargo space.

Agile is the ideal description of the CR-V's suspension tuning. There is body roll on turn-in, but not too disconcerting. In twisty roads, it stuck well in the corners. With a decent amount of body roll, the Honda gently transfers weight without flopping over, as other 4WDs tend to do. Heading off into the desert is possible in the CR-V, but with only 8.25 inches of ground clearance, it's best to stay off the big dunes.

Safety features on the CR-V include advance dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners.

For added safety, the lower front side frame and lower bumper beam have been specially engineered to engage the structural elements of cars, trucks and SUVs in the event of a crash. These advanced features helped the CR-V earn the highest rating of five stars in USA from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for both front and side impacts.

The front seats are excellent. In most measures of interior room, the CR-V beats its competition. More surprising than the front-passenger accommodations is the space and comfort provided by the CR-V's rear seats. The rear bench is neither too soft nor too hard, and allows passengers to travel for more than a few minutes without getting numb-reared or fidgety. All three rear positions have three-point belts and head restraints, something not all SUVs offer.

The cargo area of the CR-V measures a generous 72.0 cu. ft. With the fold-and-tumble rear seats stowed, the CR-V can accommodate two full-size mountain bikes with no difficulty. The 60/40 split rear seats offer six inches of fore and aft travel to maximize either cargo or passenger space. The large rear cargo floor also doubles as a portable picnic table with folding legs. In front, the center console mounted storage area is now large enough to accommodate music CDs.

The CR-V is offered in well-appointed 4WD trim levels. All models include dual mirrors, intermittent front and rear window wipers and washers, air conditioning with Micron Air-Filtration, power windows with auto down and auto up driver's window, power door locks, floormats, engine immobilizer and anti-theft system, cruise control, two-texture seating surfaces, sunglass holder and rear coat hooks.

The basic RVi trim level incorporates an AM/FM/cassette player with four speakers. The top RVSi trim includes an AM/FM/cassette player with six speakers, a power moonroof, foglights and keyless entry. Honda's Real Time' 4WD is standard on all models.

The CR-V is a practical alternative to a full-size 4WD, being easy to maneuver in traffic and offering good fuel economy. But passing on the highway is an annoyance due to its low power output. It is offered with the Accord's 2.4-litre engine in some markets, but has to make do with the 2.0L over here. Plus it's not a true offroader. However, it has proven to be as reliable as any other Honda, with strong resale prices, and would be a good buy for a small urban family. 

Body kit new Honda FIT/JAZZ 2008

Body kit new Honda FIT/JAZZ 2008
Body kit new Honda FIT/JAZZ 2008
Body kit new Honda FIT/JAZZ 2008

Scissor Door - Bolt On (Engsel Pintu Gunting)

Scissor Door - Bolt On car modification conceps
modifications to the car with the door trim and this trend is being target modification of the young nowadays

Osram H1 12V 55W 64150NBR Night Breaker +90 More Light And +10 White

Osram H1 12V 55W 64150NBR Night Breaker +90 More Light And +10 White
H1 - 64150 NBR

    12 V 55 W 
    Test voltage: 13.2 V 
    Base: P14.5s 
    ECE approval: E1

The ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive with more light for greater safety.
Thanks to a newly-developed high output coil and the blue ring coating, the headlight lamps of the NIGHT BREAKER product family.

    latest high-power technology 
    shine up to 90% more light on the street* 
    put out up to 10% whiter light* 
    exclusive design with silver cap and two blue strips 
    Suitable for all front lighting 
    Fully ECE approved with category "E1" 
    *compared to standard lamps on the market

The lengthened light cone illuminates dangers and obstacles significantly earlier – for additional reaction time that can save lives!
The whiter light of NIGHT BREAKER also improves driving comfort by reducing dangerous eyestrain.
In addition, the patented blue ring coating leads to less glare for the driver: the clearly focused light beam concentrates the light exactly where you need it.
NIGHT BREAKER’s unique design improves the looks of your headlights. The typical silver cap (H4, H7, H11) and the blue ring coating make a striking impression.

Of course the NIGHT BREAKER family of lamps can be easily exchanged for any corresponding halogen lamps and are 100% street legal across all of Europe.

    The strong luminance and the light color are the crucial differences to standard lamps. 
    Always change NIGHT BREAKER lamps in pairs!

Probably the brightest halogen light in the world. OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER®.
Bright light has a new name: OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER®. The lamp produces more light and creates a longer beam than any other halogen lamp. In the fight against the dark, this concept simply has the most powerful arguments.

Optimum light for faster reactions.
NIGHT BREAKER® is the ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive more safely with more light and stay relaxed. This halogen lamp produces up to 90 % more light 1) on the road, has a beam that is up to 35 meters longer and provides light that is up to 10 % whiter 1). The longer beam means that drivers can see obstacles and dangerous situations much sooner. The extra reaction time can be the difference between life and death! The patented blue ring coating also means less reflected glare for the driver. The clearly focused beam concentrates the light 75 to 100 meters in front of the vehicle - precisely where the driver needs it.

Fighting the dark forces - day and night.
* Up to 90 % more light on the road for better visibility, more time to react and maximum safety.
* Up to 35 m longer beam.
* Easier on the eye with up to 10 % whiter light for comfortable, fatigue-free driving.
* Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver cap (H4/H7/H11).
* For the performance-minded driver.

The unique design of NIGHT BREAKER® improves the looks of headlights. The typical silver cap (H4, H7, H11) and the blue ring coating add up to stunning good looks. The lamps in the NIGHT BREAKER® family can of course be used as simple direct replacements for halogen lamps and are approved for use without restriction on public roads throughout Europe.

Cuting Sticker modification car

Cuting Sticker modification car ceper
suzuki apv cuting sticker modification
honda jazz with cuting sticker style

Cuting Sticker modification car
people who have cars, especially young people like certain modifications in the car, and this is being now trend with cuting sticker so stylis car more elegant and beautiful in perspective. cuting the sticker is being guest sekrang this modification in the car. This is an example of modifications to the car body sticker cuting

Friday, March 20, 2009

Djarum black autoblacktrough modification contest 2009

Djarum BLACK TOUR AUTOBLACKTHROUGH In order to enliven the exhibition automotive Djarum BLACK TOUR AUTOBLACKTHROUGH Gramedia EXPO 2008 in Singapore on 17 -18 May 2008, will be held race photos Hot Import Nights Magazine (Hin) Cover Hunt. Photo winners will be published as the cover Magazine Hot Import Nights, plus total prizes worth six million rupiah for the champion first, second, and third.
Competition criteria:
Photo competition open to the general public across the country.
Object and its image is a car model / SPG in the exhibition location.
Results images are not permitted to contain elements of pornography, the image cars should be more dominant.
Shooting is done by using digital media.
8r size prints, a digital file minimum 6 megapixel. Not allowed to manipulate or retouching using a computer program.
Each participant can send his work a maximum of two (2) photos, submitted no later than two (2) hours prior to the secretariat penjurian / exhibition committee (details below deadlines).
Photos submitted without the cardboard base and frame. Behind the images of ditempel paper contains a description includes the title image, the image description, name, complete address, phone number, phone number & email address of the photographer.
Winners must submit the original file in the form of a CD, inserted in a paper envelope with a photo.
PT is the race promoter. HNR Promosindo, as publisher and exhibition organizer Hot Import Nights Magazine.
Results of the first winners will be displayed as the front cover magazine Hot Import Nights with the photographers name on the "interior" / index magazine.
Results of the first, second, and third, and a number of selections from works of others who enter will be displayed in the coverage rubric gallery AutoBlack Through Surabaya in 2008 in two (2) edition of the magazine Hot Import Nights, with the photographers name.
The whole image of the entrance will only be used by PT. HNR Promosindo as mentioned above.
The Committee reserves the right to mentouch up / take 1 (one) or more objects and the sponsor logos are in the works without the images. notice.

autoblacktrough modification car contest

gambar modif mobil autoblacktrough
AutoBlackThrough is the hottest hi-tech mmodification motorshow in Jakarta. Modification automotive exhibition was held in the JCC and dimeriahkan by several top Selebritas Indonesia, such as: Mulan Jameela, Maia, ANDRA & The Backbone, Yovie & Nuno, Maliq & D'Essentials, and RAN.
At the 2008 AutoBlackThrough this time won by Sanca. As was the king of the king or the Autoblackthrough 2008 Champions Of course not make modifications to the original digawangi by Sancha, Andre, Christian Couji and Joe Vixtor this into a work of the play. Came with the concept or theme hotroad muscle car that also combine some of the world renowned manufacturer identity, the Muscle Car Connection 350 ala this is referred to as the creation of a very different and mencuat worth as the best board in the top contest Djarum Black Autoblackthrough Final Battle 2008.
And not only the title as The Champion course is apparently a successful hiperkreasi this Muscle 350. Several awards such as Best Airbrush Graphics, Hottest Engine Bay, Mr Innovation, Hottest Car Display, Best People Choice, Best Holden, Paint Top Judge, Top Judge Engine Bay, Top Judged Undercarriage and Judge Top Display is capable enough to be the existence of Holden at the position top.

car autoblacktrough
autoblcktrough car modified
foto cewek hot autoblacktrough, car autoblacktrough

E46 BMW M3 With autoblacktrough seksi girl

Monday, March 16, 2009

Honda Freed New MPV 2009

Honda Freed New MPV 2009Honda Freed New MPV 2009 behind
Honda Freed New MPV 2009
interior honda freed
Honda Freed New MPV 2009
beside honda freed
Honda Freed New MPV 2009engine of honda freed
Honda Freed New MPV 2009
honda freed MPV 7 seater

New SUV Lexus RX 350 -2009

SUV Lexus RX 350 New SUV Lexus RX 350 -2009
SUV Lexus RX 350 New SUV Lexus RX 350 -2009
Mobil sport utility vehicle (SUV) New SUV Lexus RX 350

Toyota With New Yaris in 2009

new car toyota yaris 2009Toyota With New Yaris in 2009 front
toyota yaris 2009behind toyota yaris 2009

New Toyota Avanza

New Toyota Avanza
Four-wheel vehicle market in India does not seem to have completely, the various producers like race-car race to release their new products to the people of Indonesia, as the market will demand four-wheel vehicle that is not again. This is used by Toyota Avanza manufacturers in Indonesia.
Toyota Avanzanew toyota avansa
Example only Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) after successful getting to the heart of the Indonesian people released New Kijang Innova in 2008, known previously irit of Innova, PT TAM is now working with the Daihatsu Indonesia to bring the New Avanza car known as the family car that does not lose competitiveness product with the car other classmates.

This time New Avanza comes with a spectacular view of the fans. From the exterior, the new Avanza with the roof lining or the roof of a wave like Toyota Innova. Avanza body postures with a high factor of aerodynamics needs to be obstacles to the wind, not only that wave roof can also muffle the sound when the rain menguyur hoods.

TAM does not lose the idea to change the display bumper New Avanza with the bumper memetingkan a more smooth when the air entering the engine room of New Avanza so that fan cooling bumper display at this time.

New engine used Avanza is not much different with the engine Avanza VVT-i is a long time, to use the New Avanza VVT-i engine is economical and economical.

For convenience drive New Toyota Avanza Avanza facelift Suspensi use that will make the drive more comfortable. Development Suspensi promised this will be able to muffle the shock result of the uneven road. Compared to previous Suspensi famous hard.

Currently PT TAM provides a type 4 New Avanza with 7 color choices. Price for New Avanza Minor Change EM / T = Rp 116,800,000, Minor-Change New Avanza GM / T = Rp 131,750,000,-New Avanza Minor Change SM / T = Rp 143,100,000,-New Avanza Minor Change SA / Q = Rp 153,100,000, --

New Nissan X-Trail 2.0 CVT

New Nissan X-Trail 2.0 CVT
PT Nissan Motor Indonesia has recently launched the latest variant Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Xtronic CVT.
Mulus hentakan and without the engine. expression that is the first of the All New Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Xtronic CVT. Technology from Nissan automatic transmission is different from the conventional automatic transmission.
New Nissan X-Trail 2.0 CVT
nisan x trail cvt
Nissan X-Trail 2.0 CVT With the ratio of the gear shift is very smooth on the Xtronic CVT allows the driver to enjoy the acceleration without senut-senut alias hentakan the engine.

In the test drive route was held in Jakarta-Cikampek-Subang-Majalengka-Kuningan feel so inadequate in hentakan engine when the car go from 0 KM per hour up to 120 km per hour.

When we find a derivative or climb that requires engine break, you can move the lever to the right under acceleration so that the vehicle can be arranged as transmission.

Position of the middle tooth digeber can be seen on the screen that integrates with the speedometer and fuel indicator.

SUV that Nissan will be launched this month also has Suspensi the rather soft, although it is slightly less than the Nissan X-Trail before, but in the street that was damaged the new X-Trail is quite comfortable dikendarai.

All new Honda City-2009

All new Honda City-2009 After a long hold, the fans finally All new Honda Cityin India may be pleased to have a small Honda sedan this pledge, because the PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has officially launched its latest series of the All new Honda City which is given a name, All New Honda City, Thursday (27/11/2008).

Mini sedan that has been produced since 2003, this set looks so revolutionary compared to earlier variants All new Honda City. Changes in total can be seen from the side various All New Honda City. Both the exterior design, interior, and the kitchen or spur engines.
all new honda city 2009
On the exterior, sporty and luxurious feel so strong . It is seen from the front grill design of the new hexagon shaped that integrates with the front and to the aft side of the Fender. This design, sporty addition to the impression, that can also create aerodinamika of All New Honda City to be more perfect.

Design is also collaborating with the slick design with a high trunk deck, and cut off the tail on the back of the dynamic. Moreover, the back of the All New Honda City is also having a design mutahir, that is, the use of the pentagonal 3-dimensional effect of the addition to the luxury vehicles, while also providing enough light so that light can directly improve the safety while driving at night day.

Part in the All New Honda City is also a cabin with a capacity terlapang in class. So that they can make the passengers comfortable.

All cabins New Honda City has been equipped with the glove box a larger, 7-cup holder to put the bottle to drink, under the seat box can be used to deviate the various documents and luggage capacity of 506 liters of reach and is the largest in its class.

All New Honda City is also a vehicle that has a variety of entertainment features that are complete enough. Because already equipped with the Double Din W / USB + + READY WMA/MP3/WAV/AUX ipod that has been equipped with sound surrond and WOW Effect illmination display that has the look interesting and can reassure the driver that are currently driving.

For the engine, All New Honda City, which already meet the Euro 4 this standardization are now have mengusung engine 1.5 liter i-VTEC four-cylinder that has been equipped with a resonator and Torque Boost Drive By Wire is the perfect combination to get the most power but still economical fuel.

With this combination, the strength of All New Honda City are now growing up to become a 10 hp 120 hp at 6600 rpm torsi with the maximum 14.8 kgm at 4800 rpm. This is the strength of the class.

Features paddle shift All New Honda City have also entered the phase 'modern'. Because of possible drivers to shift gear by pressing the button on the steering wheel.

And for security issues, Honda does not seem to want to play in the car gresnya this. For security devices that are on the All New Honda City is spelled out is quite complete.

Because the technology is equipped with a braking ABS (Antilock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and BA (brake Assist), Neck Shock Mitigation Seat, seat belt with pretensioner and load limiter, dual SRS Airbags, and the structure of the G-body CON + technology Compactibility Advanced Engineering (ACE) and have been through tabrak test (crash test) in the Real World Crash Test Facility Honda in Tochigi, Japan.

All New Honda City, which has 6 color choices is interesting, with the price offered is enough 'excite' ie, Rp 239 million for the manual transmission, and Rp 252 million for the All New Honda City bertransmisi automatically.

There is also All New Honda City with bertransmisi manual reclining seat to the back benches who removed the price of Rp 249 million. Meanwhile, for the transmission of valuable otomatisnya much more expensive, ie, Rp 260 million.