Monday, December 28, 2009

Hot News: Chevrolet Recalls 22,090 units 2005-2007 Corvettes

Corvette buyers who opt for the removable targa roof are no doubt enticed by the idea of being able to enjoy open-air motoring when desired as well as having the security and comfort of a hard top when needed. Some of them may be getting a bit more than they bargained for, though, as GM is recalling thousands of targa top Vettes to replace roof panels that are coming apart.

The recall covers 22,090 model-year 2005 through 2007 Corvettes and model-year 2005 and 2006 Corvette Z06s equipped with the targa roof to replace the removable roof with a new design. Roofs that came with the cars have shown an unfortunate tendency to have the adhesive holding the actual roof panel on the removable roof to its frame fail. Failed adhesive leads to a loose panel that can cause wind noise, poor roof fit and water leaks. Should the adhesive fail completely, the roof panel can separate from its frame and come off of the car, possibly while driving and possibly causing an accident with vehicles caught in the path of the flying roof panel.

Chevrolet dealers will replace the entire removable roof with a new unit that has a different design that will eliminate the adhesive problem. The recall will begin in January 2010 under NHTSA Recall ID No. 09V491000 and GM Recall ID No. 090230.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

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