Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brilliance Reveals All-Electric Concept

One of the most interesting concept cars unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show was the all-electric Brilliance EV. BMW Group's Chinese partner said that the EV is equipped with two electric motors and a set of lithium-ion batteries. The first electric motor that produces the equivalent of 30HP allows the EV to travel a distance of 130km or 80 miles with a top speed of 40km/h or 25mph. When the second motor kicks in, the EV's output more than doubles while in this case, it can reach a top speed of 130m/h or 80mph.
Most will have already noticed that the EV's design bears a 'few' similarities with the Volkswagen Space-Up! Concept that was revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. But unlike the VW's rear suicide doors, the EV features a set of fancy-pancy electric operated doors that slide outwards. Inside, Brilliance's designers adorned the four-seater EV with a futuristic dashboard and the usual high-tech gizmos.


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