Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Sketch: Kia VG

Kia has released official renderings of its new flagship sedan, codenamed VG, that's set to replace the Amanti (known as the Opirus in some markets) and go on sale in Korea by the end of this year.

The VG started life as the KND-5 concept car at this year's Seoul show, and we even caught prototypes testing in a wintry setting just ahead of the concept's debut.

Kia is developing its own unique design language, and we challenge readers to look at the front of the VG and really see another automaker's design. We like the LED daytime running lights and hope we'll get more accustomed to the new Kia family grille. On the profile view the greenhouse is reminiscent of Lexus, and the rear view is styled as modernly as the Amanti is old-fashioned.

"VG clearly demonstrates the next stage in Kia's design evolution and showcases our new design principle of 'sophistication by simplicity,'" said Hyoung Keun Lee, senior vice president and COO of Kia's international business division. "The exterior is a seamless blend of powerful front, sleek profile, and sophisticated but simple rear lines to create an elegant and luxurious appearance."

We expect to see the Lambda 3.5L V-6 and both front- and all-wheel drive versions of the VX sedan when it comes to showrooms later this year. Before it hits dealers, Kia could choose the Frankfurt Motor Show to show off the production-ready version.

We look forward to viewing the final product, especially considering the changes that were made to the Hyundai Genesis sedan on its way from concept to production. Regardless, the question remains: Can Kia follow in Hyundai's footsteps and build a luxury sedan that commands respect? What do you think?

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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